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What is the process to buy land?

Here is the procedure to buy now or to seller finance.

Do I need a real estate agent?

No, we cut out lawyers, real estate agents and lenders in order to offer the lowest prices and ensure quick sales.

I am interested in a particular property. Can I go see it?

Yes, please do. Online you can use google maps or google earth using GPS coordinates or street addresses.
You are also welcome to do a boots on the ground self-guided tour at your convenience.

Does the property have utilities?

The information provided by the county assessor is disclosed on each listing. Please confirm on your own.
Check here if you would like to learn what is involved in installing electricity on vacant land.

Does the land perc?

If not disclosed on the listing, it is unlikely we know the answer to this.
Feel free to visit the property and do a perc test of our own. Here is a link to show you how.

Is there a good homesite on the property?

Only you will know what you need for the home you have envisioned. Please visit and evaluate the property. This info may help you in your evaluation.

May I raise crops or animals on the property?

Check local zoning

What about Mineral Rights?

The answer to this question depends on if the vesting deed specifically says that the mineral rights were retained in the past.
If not disclosed on the previous owner's deed, you would have to have a mineral rights search done.
Here and here are some good explanations.

Can I live in my tiny home or RV on the property?

Video: How We're Living In Our Tiny Home LEGALLY
Video: Living Tiny Legally

How much land do I really need?

  • To be self-sufficient
  • For hunting
  • For my financial portfolio
  • How big is an acre really?
  • Read here about my 1.7 acre homestead and how I raise chickens, rabbits, ducks and pigs
    in addition to my perennial forest gardens and annual gardens.

What do I need to know as a landowner?

There are many facets to being a landowner; maintenance, security, development being a few. Explore some of these issues here.

Place your text here

Can we use escrow to close?

Yes, if you pay for it. This will make the transaction take longer than if Endless Acres signs the deed over to you.

Is title insurance available?

Yes, if you pay for it. We do our own title research before we acquire any land that you purchase.
Most deeds are digital and anyone can do title research and determine if there are any issues on the title.

What are the taxes and do you prorate them when I buy?

The recent taxes are included in each property listing.
Unless stated otherwise, the properties are paid for free and clear, and the taxes are current at time of sale.
After the sale, the buyer is responsible for taxes.

Due Diligence - What should I do?

Prospective buyers are urged to examine and research all properties prior to buying or making an offer to purchase.
Contact any state or county offices, utility companies, homeowners’ associations and other relevant organizations
before making an offer to purchase or placing a down payment.
My resources page is a good place to start.
By buying you are acknowledging that you have completed all due diligence and that you understand the legal commitment to purchase.
All land parcels are sold “as-is, where is”.
All information contained in our land for sale listings has come from reliable sources
or prior owners of the subject properties and is accurate to the best of our knowledge.
Endless Acres makes no guarantee expressed or implied as to the location, condition, accessibility, terrain,
build-ability or information contained in these property listings.
Sizes advertised are approximate.
This GPS maps information is for the purpose of locating your property only.

Warranty Deed FAQ's

Look here for a comprehensive list of FAQ's about the type of deed we convey.

How do I qualify for seller financing?

We have no credit restrictions. Endless Acres works with buyers to come to a down payment and monthly payment that works for the both of us.

If I'm under a terms agreement can I develop the property before its paid off?

You have the freedom to put in a driveway into the lot, set up utilities
and clear up to 1/2 acre for an appropriate homesite of your choosing.
Beyond that if you want or need to clear additional trees you must send Endless Acres
your plans at that time for approval of further development of the property.
Remember, that prepayment is always an option
so that you can freely develop the property as you desire once you have the deed in your name.

Can you hold a property for me?

To be fair to everyone, the first buyer to pay gets the land, with preference to cash buyers.
The fee to hold the property is $100/week. This $100 will be applied to your purchase, if you buy the property, but is otherwise non-refundable

May I mail in payments for terms contracts?

No. We offer a monthly electronic payment service via credit/debit card.

May I use multiple credit cards to purchase land?

Sure, there is a link at the top of the website titled Payments.
Go there and enter the APN number of the land you are buying.
Enter how much you want to put on the card and do it again for each card until you have paid for the property.

May I resell your properties?

Yes of course. It is now your land. We work hard to find affordable land, way below market value, so please go resell it and come back for more!

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